Live Ask Me Anything #2 – Topics Covered:

– What are Lectins? (04:53)

– Crash Course on Dairy (14:06)

– The Dangers of Pre-Workout Supplements (19:51)

– Meal Prep Tips (33:07)

– Alcohol Doesn’t Make You Fat (43:51)

– Toxins in Body Fat (48:13)

– Live Q&A (53:03)

  • Stevia? (53:03)
  • Is excess protein bad? (55:34)

Listen to the Podcast:

Show Notes and Resources:

– LaCroix Water

– Zevia (soda substitute)

– Pre-Workout – The Perfect Paleo Powder

– Clovis Culture Tribal T-Shirts

– Simplicity: Why Paleo Can Be So Overwhelming

– Your Microwave Is Killing You… Just Kidding

– KerryGold Dairy Products from Grass-Fed Cows

– Where To Buy A-2 Milk

– My Favorite Cooking Sauce! Coconut Aminos

– Dry Farm Wines: Paleo/ Keto Friendly Wines

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