Being Normal Will Kill You – Live AMA #21

Live Ask Me Anything #21 – Topics Covered:

2:33 – Special Offer Hashtags! (and Clovis groups updates)

5:32 – “Being Normal Will Kill You!”

5:48 – How I Feel About Fitness… 

7:50 – Normal is not healthy!

10:13- Here’s all the things we’re going to talk about tonight. Hold onto your hat… 

10:25- If this is your first Clovis video: Hey there, I’m Justin!

11:16- I can’t go anywhere without someone questioning me about this…

11:58- There’s no reason that what I do should be considered weird

12:48- Let’s talk about Papa Nault. He’s not normal either, and it’s amazing

14:06- Why is the only healthy person in the room considered the weird one?!

14:36- Let’s talk about societal norms for a minute. Dads in films and sitcoms. (not flattering)

15:45- Don’t even get me started on this “Dad-bod” shit…

16:58- The healthy guys in movies, are always assholes. (lame)

17:22- Fitness and your mental conditioning: We don’t know why we work out

18:12- Heros in movies from the 80’s (Do you feel old yet?) and the mental conditioning

19:20- “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

20:08- “So you want to lose weight” Here’s how you’ve been conditioned to “fix” it.

21:30- This is how celebrities happen…

22:04- “If the hammer doesn’t work for you, you’re screwed. If the hammer does work for you, you’re Brad Pitt.”

22:18- Fat, sick and nearly dead is now NORMAL.

22:55- In 2018, the last thing you want to be is normal

23:20- FB Check

23:45- This is the #1 I see with parents…

24:28-You want your child to be “normal”

25:10- Here’s what our kids see thanks to our society

25:58- Basically, our kids know that being an adult sucks

26:40- We need to help our children escape this condition

27:00- I f*cking hate walking on the treadmill, WHY do I do this?!

27:23- Anyone who doesn’t support you giving your children a healthy life, they can get right on out of here. Doesn’t matter WHO they are

29:05- Are you living your life, or are you living someone else’s life?

29:19- I CARE about you, and your family, SO much…

29:57- Being normal will kill you AND make you miserable. That’s not for us.

31:30- FB Check

34:07- Don’t teach your kids to “work out”

34:40- Let your kids eat whatever they want, when they want to eat it, JUST make sure your house is a food pyramid free zone

35:49- Take a DIFFERENT approach with your kids.

36:02- You’re never going to keep doing something that you hate

36:55- The 1 to 100 approach is never going to work

37:13- Let’s talk about saving your kids from this nonsense, but strengthening YOUR awareness of it.

34:46- People work out to lose fat, yet fat loss has NOTHING to do with fitness

38:35- Fitness exists for 2 reasons: (Again, it’s not fat loss)

39:09- If you’re doing Beachbody in your living room, all it will do is make you the BEST at doing Beachbody (I don’t think that’s anyone’s goal)

41:00- There’s a different way to do this, and it’s the way we should teach our kids

42:28- Let’s talk about Functional Fitness

43:20- Every one of you need a daily movement practice. Now this can look like a lot of things

44:30- Skill training- things that you LOVE

45:09- Recreational Activities: this is key for families

46:00- Heavy resistance training- hear me out…

46:50- Let’s discuss compound movement and how to do it correctly

48:10- I don’t work out 5 days a week, because it does not work

48:25- Teach your kids to be physically active

48:45- Society’s conception of fitness is bullsh*t

49:40- Low weight, high rep training is the single fastest way to get injured. Yep, you heard me.

49:55- Competitive endurance runners at 70% higher risk of heart disease

51:08- ALL THIS TO SAY: When it comes to physical fitness, you don’t want to be normal

52:07- There is some form of physical activity that you and your family love.

52:36- Physical activity should be enjoyable, if it’s not you’re doing it wrong!

52:58- Stop doing things that OTHER people enjoy,

53:28- Don’t shove your kids in team sports if they hate them, there are other cool things to do

54:16- FB Check

54:42-Commenting on comments: “I’m a type 1 diabetic, and my doctor put me on the full Keto diet”

55:29- Jenni’s story

55:56- I don’t have a book, but here’s what I DO have for you…

56:22- Commenting on comments: “I can’t go heavy with weights, I did too much when I was younger”

56:45- Commenting on comments:“Is it better to do movement at a certain type of day?”

57:59- Commenting on comments:“My friend has a thyroid condition, what should she do?” (I’m not a doctor, or YOUR doctor, but here are my thoughts)

59:16- Please understand I am NOT anti-fitness, let’s sum this up

1:00:00- You have a muscle car, why would you only ever do the speed limit?

1:00:51- I’m not trying to help you lose weight and get healthy so you can go do CrossFit, I’m trying to make sure you can live your fullest life

1:01:55- I’m not trying to improve your bench press, Bro, I want to make you limitless

1:02:30- Physical activity should feel like PLAY

1:03:00- You cannot fathom my nerdiness, I am a psycho when it comes to mastery

1:04:33- I can help you break societal norms and bring PLAY back into your lives

1:05:26- The reason that most of you won’t “work out” is because you see dumbbells and treadmills

1:05:50- Live Q&A:

  • 1:06:08- Second opinion on the thyroid issue
  • 1:06:42- “How do I buy custom macros for myself and my son?”
  • 1:07:02- “I have no idea why my doctor put me on the ketogenic diet?”
  • 1:07:45- “My son and I both need help, my son has a lengthy medical history, how can we get your help?”
  • 1:08:32- “I’ve been following the protocol for a month and I feel like I have too much energy! Should I add more activity?”
  • 1:09:17- KetoOS… whomp whomp
  • 1:11:42- “How do I get more info?!” (Hint: These AMA’s are your BEST friend until you’re ready to buy)
  • 1:12:36- Pet food for your fur babies
  • 1:15:18- Blue zones and their diets (Hint: It’s not the standard American diet)
  • 1:16:27- How come some people thrive on foods that aren’t on our approved food list?
  • 1:18:52- “Flea and tick prevention for dogs?”
  • 1:19:48- “If I’m Italian, can I eat pasta?!”
  • 1:21:35- “What if you’re a large mixture of ethnicities?”
  • 1:21:55- Let’s not get carried away with this, it’s not a free pass…
  • 1:23:18- “How do you feel about heirloom fruits and veggies?”
  • 1:23:37- “I did 23 and Me, I cut out all those foods and no weight loss. Lots of inflammation”
  • 1:24:30- “Where can we buy well-sourced seeds?”

1:24:56- Wrap up: Just go PLAY!!

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