Charlie Nault – Show Notes

Topics Covered:

Yup, we did that!! #ToughMudder


10:30 – A day in the life of Dad…

13:50 – Self-Discipline and the Type- A “Nault Boys”

18:35 – The origin story of The Perfect Paleo Powder

23:30 – Dad’s nutrition as a kid in the 1960’s

30:45 – How Dad fed Justin as a kid

34:40 – Dad’s personal health transformation and leaky gut

40:00 – How Dad Became Paleo

46:50 – Endurance Running vs. Powerlifting

54:13 – What it’s like to be 59 and super fit

1:05:34 – How weightlifting changed Dad’s life

1:07:45 – How the mainstream hurts us

01:12:35 – How Dad teaches his grandkids about nutrition

1:21:16 – How to source the best foods all the time!

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