How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life – Live AMA #15

Live Ask Me Anything #15 – Topics Covered:

4:23- Eating Fat Can Save Your Life

12:42- BELIEF #1:  Eating Fat Will KILL Me!

30:25- BELIEF #2: Eating Animal Protein (red meat) will kill me!

48:28- BELIEF#3: We Need Carbohydrates to Survive!

51:30- Fat + Carbs= the most dangerous combination in the world

56:15- How is it that the ONLY non-essential macronutrient has become the #1 Macro in the US?!?!

Live Q&A:

1:29:57- Q: Why no exercise in the first 30 days?

1:30:50- Q: Coffee suggestions?

1:32:46- Q: Do our macros change

1:33:45- Q: Talk about the cut of meat vs. uncured, packaged etc

2:21- Q: Brain Octane for kids, what’s the dosage for kids?

3:35- Q: Can my family start slow with the meat?

5:22- Q: Is the Carb Manager version of PPP correct?

6:38- Q: Does the approved foods list come with macros?

7:49- Q: Venison? (Hint: Wild Game is the Jackpot)

9:17- Q: When will Clovis Kids launch?

12:33- Q: Can I have legumes?

12:20- Q: What’s the difference between the Clovis Way, and Paleo? (Hint: Lots!)

Listen to the Podcast:

Links and Resources!

– I Am Clovis

– clovis®kids

– “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Dr. Mark Hyman

– “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes

– “Primal Endurance” by Mark Sisson

– “Brain Maker” by Dr. David Perlmutter

– AMA #2 “Alcohol Doesn’t Make You Fat”

– Craft Coffee

– Counter Culture Coffee

– Kion Coffee

– Bulletproof Coffee

– Brain Octane Oil

– Carb Manager App


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