How To Hack Your Fitness to Get In Shape and Stay That Way For Life – AMA #96

How To Hack Your Fitness to Get In Shape and Stay That Way For Life

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Live Ask Me Anything #96 – Topics Covered:

How To Hack Your Fitness to Get In Shape and Stay That Way For Life

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Topics Covered:

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2:25- I’m obsessed with this topic right now, and I’m giving you the tools to be fit FOR LIFE in this episode

11:53- the KEYS to being fit forever

27:38- Aerobic threshold training: you’ve been missing this KEY piece of the puzzle

31:45- Commenting on Comments: This feels like something I can do! I feel like I should be doing something now that I’ve lost 50lbs. 

33:43- Commenting on Comments: If you haven’t gotten a custom nutrition plan, you’re missing out!

35:02- Q: I think a few weeks back you said you don’t recommend IF long term. I am a ‘one meal a day’ guy, am I missing something? 

44:49- Commenting on Comments: I feel so judged by most health gurus who criticize that I’m overweight, you don’t do that. Thank you for changing the world one person at a time! 

48:24- Do things that you LIKE!

53:04- Commenting on Comments: Your brain and heart won’t be magically fixed by losing weight. There’s more work to be done to HEAL

57:40- There’s a NEW 5 day Clovis challenge coming!

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