How To Set Your Kids Free in 30 Days – Live AMA #14

Live Ask Me Anything #14 – Topics Covered:

Intro: Welcome Newcomers!

5:24- How to Set Your Kids Free in 30 Days

5:43- Who is Justin Nault? Disclaimer- I am the Fun Uncle, Not a Parent

6:30- I don’t know your personal struggle, and I will NEVER claim to

7:53- What I DO know is biochemistry, and my own struggle…

9:37- I promise you, you will leave this AMA with information you did not have before (It’s going to be animated!!)

11:20- Justin’s Story- Having a Nutrition Company at 31 is NOT a coincidence

12:32- We live this everyday… Sweet Savannah

14:17- Clovis Kids are doing amazing Things: Video

16:11- Stay til the end for special surprises (who doesn’t love that?!)

16:57- How to set your kids free- sounds like a hostage situation, because it is, BUT it’s not your fault

17:37-Billions of $$ are invested to brainwash GENERATIONS

19:36- This is hard to hear, but I am not your enemy- Big Food Companies are your enemy

20:00- For the past several decades we’ve gotten it completely wrong

21:53- You will NOT be able to find the resources you need, because they do not exist

22:32- The numbers for childhood obesity, overweight children and type 2 diabetes will astound you

24:41 – The future is in serious jeopardy. Full stop.

25:55- Children mimic parents. Over One-Third of adults in the US are Obese

26:50- “Play 60” and school snacks are doing our babies ZERO favors

28:16- You’re accidentally sending your kids mixed signals, we ALL need to change

29:39- Again- THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You are a marketing tool, but NOT anymore

30:18- FB Check

31:44- Your beliefs RUN your show (and your kid’s show)

32:36- BELIEF #1- I’m going to lose “trust” with my kids

33:40- Your child’s beliefs COME FROM YOU- it’s NOT genetics: The Numbers

35:13- You are afraid, but it WILL be ok

36:03- Fruit HAS to be good because my child has been eating it for a decade. Nope

37:00- “Because I said so,” means you have no answer. We’re going to be better than that!

38:00- We simply did not know better. Not even the Nault’s

41:58- Papa Nault was willing to learn, and is now a legit savage

42:45- Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

45:23- Bryce!! We can build trust with our kids and create BETTER relationships

47:50- How Justin and Dad built trust

49:55- Raise your hand and ask for help, we can do this together!

50:34- FB Check

53:30- BELIEF #2- I don’t want my kid to be different… the weird kid with the Kale chips…

55:05- Don’t let your pain become your child’s pain

56:29- Short terms goals vs. long term goals- don’t use special occasion excuses

58:31- What’s the TRUTH here?? YOU don’t want to be judged

1:01:00- Small technical difficulty

1:02:13- sound is back!

1:02:28- Honesty and Humility= Clovis

1:02:40- What’s more important? Being a Superhero or Be a Role Model?!

1:03:00- What’s more important? Other people’s opinions OR your child’s health?!

1:03:35- Justin’s Mama gets judged. Adults are awful!

1:07:26- Your baby is already being JUDGED and feeling ALONE. Screw people who judge YOU for helping!

1:09:40- FB Check

1:10:35- BELIEF #3- This is going to be too hard…

1:12:3- The variety you have is killing you

1:13:20- SIMPLIFY

1:13:58- Day in the life of our kids…

1:18:08- You’re probably having the same problems

1:19:46- Set your kid up in the RIGHT way

1:20:34- Set up your house for success: The American diet is BROKEN- stop trying to “fix” it

1:21:47- Have conversations with your kid, treat them like a tiny HUMAN

1:23:49- Game-ify things. Make this FUN! 

1:26:04- Fed-Up on Netflix- go now

1:26:23- Liam is Awesome!

1:27:59- FB Check

1:28:49- DRUM ROLL… Clovis KIDS

1:30:00- Paleo Powder is PERFECT for kids. In fact, Here’s a contest!

1:31:26- Here’s the deal: What we’re offering (Hold onto your hat!)

1:38:28-  Live Q&A

  • 1:39:05- Do I need multiple memberships for my multiple kids?
  • 1:40:30- What do you mean Macro Nutrients for kids?!
  • 1:41:33- How does our hashtag payment work? What is this voodoo?
  • 1:43:13- Let’s create a support system for our KIDS to get healthy!
  • 1:44:45- Let’s FIX our kid’s disease and illness.
  • 1:47:59- What do I do about my split household? Dad’s not onboard…
  • 1:51:00- What the max age for a “kid” with this program?
  • 1:52:10- Our kids can inspire other adults. Don’t push, lead with love

1:53:26- Last call for questions within this AMA

1:53:55- WRAP UP

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