In Case You Missed It #4 – Halloween Horrors

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Halloween Horrors!


Halloween in America:

Some fun… and slightly terrifying… Halloween facts:

  • Americans buy approximately 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween…
  • That’s over 6x the weight of the Titanic every year in candy!
  • What does this cost us?
  • Approximately $2 billion per year in America alone!
  • The most popular tool for candy collection is plastic jack-o-lanterns…
  • The average kid can fit 250 pieces of candy in a single plastic jack-o-lantern
    • That’s over 9,000 calories and 3 pounds of sugar per kid!

​​The History of Trick-Or-Treating:

We explored the history of trick-or-treating which dates back to the middle ages… Game of Thrones style…

  • A blend between trick or treating and a 100-year-old holiday called “Candy Day” (invented by the candy companies) led to the birth of Halloween Trick-or-Treating as we currently know it

Candy and Dental Health:

We explored how candy impacts dental health!

  • The same way you have a gut microbiome, you also have an oral microbiome
  • Sugar changes the pH in your mouth and helps specific types of bacteria thrive 
  • Most notably, a strain of bacteria called “mutans streptococci” 
  • These bacteria consume sugar for energy and excrete end products in the form of lactic acid
  • That acid leeches away the calcium in your enamel and eventually decays your entire tooth
  • This is why people get fillings. To prevent lactic acid from making its way to the nerve endings and rotting the entire tooth, which would require removal!

By the numbers…

  • In the months following Halloween, Americans spend over $800 million on emergency dental visits… involving Halloween candy!! 
  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken fillings
  • Broken braces
  • Damaged retainers etc. etc. 

So, let’s be clear about all of this…

  • We spend $2 billion per year…
  • To buy 600 million pounds of candy… 
  • Which gives each kid at least 9,000 calories and 3 pounds of sugar… 
  • Which leads to $800 million in emergency dental visits… 
  • Could we possibly get this more… “wrong?!” 

How Much Sugar?:

Even the broken, food pyramid pushing, mainstream recommend less than 25 grams of sugar per day…

The Top 5 Halloween Candies (per standard package): 

  1. Skittles – 47 grams of sugar
  2. M&M’s – 30 grams of sugar
  3. Snickers – 30 grams of sugar
  4. Reese’s Cups – 20 grams of sugar
  5. Starburst – 39 grams of sugar

How to Handle Halloween… Responsibly!:

Don’t be a total bummer and stop your kids from partaking… I love Halloween. I loved it growing up. I loved trick or treating!

Just step in with some good old-fashioned parenting!

  • Give your kids a few pieces of candy on Halloween night, then lock the candy away where they can’t get to it.
  • Give them 1-2 pieces, as a dessert treat, after dinner for the next few days… Then the candy magically disappears!
  • We talked about the Halloween candy buyback program


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