In Case You Missed It #6 – For The Newbies!

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“Back to Basics: For the Newbies!”

Clovis, In A Nutshell:

  • You send me info (age, height, weight, activity level, health goals)
  • I create a Custom Nutrition Plan based on your unique needs
  • No two Nutrition Plans are the same. Ever. 
  • You get Custom Macros (Fat, Protein, Net Carbs)
  • Video Lesson: What the Heck are Macros?!

  • You hit those Custom Macros using only foods from the Clovis Approved Foods List
  • You track everything with the Carb Manager App
  • It’s really that simple! 

Why Clovis Works:

Perfect Paleo Powder:

Hitting Your Macros:

  • Just hit your macros each day don’t worry about each meal.

Why No Fitness?:

Why No Grains?:

  • All grains are simply “non-human foods!” Period.
  • We did not evolve to eat grains and the wreak havoc on our immune systems!
  • Plants have defense mechanisms called “Lectins” that destroy our gut health!
  • AMA #24 – Lectins and Leaky Gut

Why No Cheat Days?:

  • Most of you come to me very, very, sick.
  • Your gut needs to heal itself!
  • Adding a weekly cheat meal is like reopening a partially healed wound over and over. It’s insane!
  • AMA #5 – Cheat Days and Energy Drinks

The “Salt Shots”:

Ordering At Restaurants:

  • This makes me laugh because it’s so simple…
  • Just order Approved Foods!
  • The restaurant works for you, not the other way around!
  • Don’t be afraid to modify the menu!
  • Order and approved meat and some steamed veggies! All done.
  • Pretend to be celiac if you want to! It’s fun.
  • AMA #3 – Ordering at Restaurants Clip

Eating Healthy is “Too Expensive”:

Do I have to try Fasting?:

  • Absolutely not!
  • Fasting is not a required part of the Clovis protocol.
  • It is completely optional.
  • Don’t make things harder for yourself!
  • In the beginning,  just hit your macros! 
  • AMA #25 – Fasting Facts

How to Handle “The Haters”:

  • My most famous quote of all time…
  • “Stop shitting in the punch bowl, you dick!”
  • Don’t make your family feel weird… a simple “no, thank you.” is all you’ll ever need!
  • AMA #12  – What’s Holding You Back



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