Venison Meat, Curcumin Benefits, Recovering from Surgery, Body Fat and Fasting for Women

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Live Ask Me Anything #92 – Topics Covered:

Venison Meat, Curcumin Benefits, Recovering from Surgery, Body Fat and Fasting for Women

Topics Covered:

4:30- Q: Is venison as healthy as grass-fed beef?

14:19- Q: What is the ideal body fat percentage for the average person who just wants to be healthy?

26:24- Q: What do you know about curcumin (turmeric)? 

32:43- Q: Is there any prep before doing a body scan?

33:48- Q: You have mentioned some possible side effects of intermittent fasting, can we dig into that? Are there possible negative side effects for hormones in women on carnivore? 

38:05- Commenting on Comments: Tumeric has done wonders for my husband’s inflammation in his achy joints

39:08- Q: What are the pros and cons of degenerative surgery? 

48:34- Q: If we’re eating Clovis, should we be taking vitamins too?

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